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About me

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  • Published: Monday, 28 September 2015 13:34
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I am an artist that flies. At list I do gess so! At least, as an artist, I try to bring my imaginary world to the stage, as well as to life itself. My quote: "Don't take life seriously, just play the game and win!"  Wrote and created by me. That's how I feel (or try to feel when I am not angry against human been, prefering to deal with the plants). My work reveal who I am, what I think and some times it is Serious. But may be not so much most of the times. Art has many faces, but all of them are reflex of your inside, i continue believing on that. In this case, it reveals my interior, experiences and images. Thank you for visiting me here. And to finish: I am an actress that found in the air the best stage to express itself. I am aerialist.